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For the last twenty years, the tools Cropsol has used to assist our clients to make decisions has evolved considerably.

From early beginnings where our team used to visit key sites twice a week to collect information and then manually fax through graphs to our clients, to now when all the graphs are streamed constantly through to our client’s phones and computers using combinations of radio, cellular, and even satellite communication platforms.

Although Cropsol manages all of the data for you, the ownership of the data remains with our clients, and the servers we use allow for easy exporting or manipulation, & reporting of the data to third-party software or other consultants as required.

Whether it’s reviewing soil moisture probe data of a pasture or crop under irrigation, to wirelessly automating a complex web of valves and pump stations in a drip irrigation system, simply opening and shutting a flood irrigation stop in the middle of the night, or even monitoring the operation of a number of isolated pivot irrigators, Cropsol’s data management solutions are always simple to operate, our decisions support tools are easy to use, and our dedicated staff ensure that whatever solution Cropsol provides you is maintained for the long-term.

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