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Cropsol can design, install and maintain monitoring systems
for many different applications in crops and pastures.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Are you sometimes left wondering when the best time to water your crop is, or are you guessing about how much your plants really need? Incorrect answers to these questions can cause the plant to shut down from either waterlogging or dry stress, which will effect the quantity and quality of what you’re trying to grow.

Soil moisture sensors can be buried in the plant’s rootzone to help you achieve the following;

  • increase crop yield and quality
  • manipulate plant growth
  • predict irrigation run times and daily water use
  • avoid waterlogging and under watering
  • make more informed planning decisions in unirrigated cropping

Pump and Water Flow Monitoring

By being able to remotely access the latest data on pump performance and water flow, clients can;

  • access RPM, fuel levels, engine temperatures, mainline pressure and flow data
  • set up alarms based on pressure, low flow, high temperature, etc
  • using GPS tracking to monitor the location of your pivots and laterals
  • shut down remote pumpstations on certain weather conditions

Weather Monitoring

Cropsol have a range of weather stations designed to help you with;

  • automatically alarming tractor drivers with windspeed thresholds and calculations such as Delta T on your phone
  • recording weather conditions over many years for spray drift and damage assessments
  • disease and pest management modelling

Water Level Monitoring

Clients are able to continuously monitor the water levels of dams, piezometers and channels, and thereby:

  • Control head levels in channels and dams
  • Monitor aquifers during pumping
  • Ensure optimum flow rates for pumps
  • Monitor dam and channel water losses

Salinity Monitoring

Knowing salinity levels in the soil and water can help you with;

  • tracking fertilizers in irrigation
  • generating alarms when EC levels are high
  • being able to graph historical data can help when reviewing crop performance from year to year

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