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Councils, wineries, golf courses and building complex managers have all used Cropsol’s expertise to design and implement water monitoring and reporting systems.

Councils often need to monitor irrigation that is being applied to sporting ovals or parks so that appropriate watering schedules can be developed. Wineries and processing plants have engaged Cropsol to not only monitor wastewater flows but also collect and analysis soil for reporting to statutory authorities. Golf Courses have used Cropsol Irrigation Agronomists to manage turf growth levels through irrigation schedules, as well as Cropsol Technicians to automate solenoid and pump operations when existing cabled systems deteriorate. Larger building complexes have used Cropsol to manage the water being applied to their landscaped facilities.

Cropsol’s highly trained Technicians and Irrigation Agronomist ensure that the data collected is understood by relevant personnel and monitoring and control systems are maintained.

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